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A Big Man with a souful, warm and  gifted voice, Jacob is an acoustic soloist musician who covers well known hits from Rock to Pop a dash of country and reggae, he is best known for his heartfelt renditions of Motown classics and R&B from the 1960’s-90’s that evoke emotional responses from his audience.

Although you think it's not possible to blend these genres Jacob delivers, blending them comfortably with authentic relatable gritty originals and recent modern songs.


Covered artists range from  Al Green to Percy Sledge, Ray Charles to James Brown, Marc Cohn to Foo Fighters.

Tech Rider 

I need a reliable power source - mains power preferred. Maximum distance from power source 2 metres.

I will need:

  • Suitable cover for my equipment and myself;

  • Ample space to set up if I am providing my own Amp;

  • and the performance area to be free of obstructions and as level as possible, free of slip hazards.

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